Boy Donates his Nintendo Wii to Police Department After Officer Is Killed in the Line of Duty

A Wisconsin boy gave away his prized Nintendo Wii console and all his favorite games to his local police department, his way of standing by them as they cope with a tragic loss.

When Brady Duke, 7, heard about the fatal shooting of Wausau Police Department Detective Jason Weiland, he wanted to do something special for his local officers to support them through their difficult time.

“He just has a really big heart,” mom Jessica Duke said of her son.

Struck by their tragedy, Brady packed up his Nintendo Wii along with his favorite games, and sent it to the brothers in blue.

“When we told him about the shootings, he felt like his heart broke about it,” his mom explained. “He knew in his heart he needed to do something.”

Along with the gift, Brady attached a note that the police department shared on Facebook: “Dear officers, thank you for serving our community. You keep my family and I safe. I am so sorry that one of your police brothers died. How can I help?”

Touched by the boy’s gesture, the Wausau Police Department invited him and his family to the headquarters for an afternoon of games on Brady’s Wii, which they set up in their break room.

“They had a blast — it was so much fun,” Duke said. “It was so impactful for Brady just to know they would take time out of their day for him.”

And, to return the gesture, officers sent Brady home with a brand new Xbox 360, complete with a new set of games.

“He didn’t know what an Xbox 360 was, so this is a whole entire new ball game for him,” his mom joked.

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